Development of organisations and people

Human Dymensions specialise in the development of organisations and people through a better understanding of human decision making at work.

Human Dymensions has developed a range of training programs, interactive tools and evidence-based interventions. Our programs and tools are designed to enhance workplace relationships, culture, learning and management of risk.

The programs and methods are unique to Human Dymensions and have been developed by Dr Long in collaboration with key experts in his team.

Expertise in Social Psycology

Human Dymensions has particular expertise in social psychology and strategic thinking. We have managed many national projects involving diagnostics and change.

Human Dymensions uses a range of uniquely developed profile and assessment tools (designed by Dr Long). These organisations to develop targeted interventions to address organisational issues and build solution-focused strategies.

Value for clients

Human Dymensions provides real value for clients. As a small company, we are able to bring a level of commitment, delivery and relationship which is sometimes limited with larger companies.

The size of Human Dymensions enables a personalised service with flexibility yet, intensity of expertise. The significant experience and competence of the Executive Director Dr Robert Long guides the focus, supervision and quality of services and programs.

Human Dymensions - Client Training