Human Dymensions - Workshop session

We specialise in the development of organisations and people through a better understanding of human factors at work. We has developed a range of training programs, interactive tools and evidence-based interventions which enhance workplace performance, culture, learning and management of risk.

Quality Analysis, Assessment and Evaluation

One of the key features of services offered by us is quality analysis, assessment and evaluation. All research and evaluation is quality assured through the extensive expertise of the Director Dr Robert Long (and associates). Dr Long has over 30 years experience in program development, learning and training. Evidence-based practice is the key to organisational improvement.

It’s all about You

What we do is all about You, hence the ‘Y’ in Dymensions.

We work in partnership with you to deliver the outcomes you expect. Of course, the symbolism of ‘Y’ also designates the importance that we place on discovery, learning and purpose.

The question ‘why?’ can only make sense in a social psychological context and this is the particular focus of our work. We help you to be motivated to ask ‘why?’, to discover social purpose and meaning in human relationships and to transfer that purpose into the practice of organising.

Expertise in Social Psychology

We have particular expertise in organisational psychology and strategic thinking. We have managed many national projects involving assessment and change management. We us a range of uniquely developed profile and assessment tools (designed by Dr Long). These tools will assist you to develop targeted interventions to address organisational issues and build solution focused strategies.

Services Include

  • Organisational Evaluations
  • Culture, Leadership, Organisation, Risk and Management Surveys
  • Program Development and Assessment
  • Communications, Life Skills and Work-Life Balance Training
  • Leadership – Management Coaching, Supervisors Workshops
  • Strategic and Team Development
  • Induction Design and Improvement
  • Profiling and Training using DiSC and MBTI
  • Performance and Time Management
  • People Skills, Difficult People and Behaviour Management
  • Organisational, Experiential and Situated Learning
  • Safety Culture and WHS Systems Improvement
  • Risk and Hazard Identification/Screening