I have known Rob for approximately 7 years and have worked with him at two mine site operations over a continuous period to assist and engage with our employees to understand what risk is, and how their own self and that of their work group, influences their actions and behaviours. Importantly, Rob has been used to assist drive a preferred culture through individual and team group sessions, and I have regularly used the MiProfile tool as a guide on areas of strength and areas to focus on, and then later to repeat the process to gauge progress and further direction setting. I personally cannot recommend Rob highly enough.

Matthew Gill CEO Castlemaine Gold

Robert has a solidly research-based view on safety, specifically concerning what motivates and engages us as humans and how that relates to working safely. This positive take on safety is a far cry from the prevailing punitive culture that exists in safety within the Australian construction industry. The results from Rob’s approach are excellent; in my experience not only does positive performance improve safety, it does this while improving engagement of the people involved.

James Kell CEO  Kell and Rigby

Robert is a delight to work with, full of imagination and stimulating ideas, as well as capable of excellent detailed application. His broad range of experience and complete integrity stand out.

Dr James C Walker, CEO Your Hidden Potential

Over the past five years Rob has provided a number of key consultancies to the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn in areas relating to Youth Work, ethical behaviour in the Work Place and Leadership Development.  He also facilitated an Archdiocesan review of Youth Services and a survey of organisational culture using MiProfile.  Rob brings a highly unique, in-depth and challenging approach to consultancy and training that has the effect of initiating genuine organisational change and development.
Shawn van der Linden, Director of Pastoral Support Services, Canberra Goulburn

I was lucky enough to have used Dr Robert Long and his team from Human Dymensions on a $600 Million Dollar project to better understand and enhance safety management. Dr Robert Long introduced new ways to approach and understand people within the business to get the outcome we all desired, a safer workplace. Dr Rob Long has ignited a desire to keep learning that burns hotter by the minute. 

Dean Jackson, HSSE Manager, BG Group.

Dr. Rob Long has become an integral part of our organisations journey of behavioural change. For the last five years Rob has brought a unique ability to engage and connect with our people at all levels of our organisation from senior management to the shop floor – with equal impact. Rob has helped many people within our organisation to better understand themselves and in turn the way everyone can and does influence the culture of our organisation. Rob is a true pioneer in his field with passion to burn. Our journey with Rob continues………for his involvement we are truly grateful.

Tony Page | Safety Manager Victoria | Baulderstone

Human Dymensions have supported our cultural development journey by integrating with our plans, systems and operational requirements – the behavioural focus balanced our systems strengths to support our focus on proactive hazard reporting and management engagement.

Anthony Fewster  HSSE Manager UGL Rail

Robert’s depth of knowledge on human culture and thinking has changed my whole approach to managing workplace safety. He has taught me that incident prevention is very much to do with understanding human behaviour & what motivates decision making & not just about implementing stringent procedures, record keeping and enforcement. He has proven that engaging with people & identifying the underlying contributing factors that influence risk perception and risk taking behaviour is a powerful tool in risk management & fostering positive safety culture in the workplace.

Tony Jenkins HSE Manager Mirvac Victoria

Dr. Rob Long is a highly skilled facilitator in the areas of learning, language and strategic thinking.  Rob effectively uses a wide range range of teaching styles and modelling to effect behavioural change with his clients.

Garrick Atkin Psychologist (I/O)      

Rob’s ability to challenge how safety is considered, from the workforce to senior managers and supervisors, has lead to significant cultural shift in how we approach, manage, talk, observe and make sense of safety behaviours and practices. Rob has made a difference in making ‘SafetyWorks’.

Robbie Holmes Systems Manager Melbourne Water – Eastern Tertiary Alliance

Human Dymensions undertook a unique, engaging and detailed assessment of our safety culture and behaviours and followed up with great risk awareness training. A unique and engaging approach to safety awareness which challenged our perceptions. Mal Hiley  General Manager and Director, Waterway Constructions Pty Limited

One of the conundrums of safety is trying to understand why workers choose unsafe behaviours? Dr Robert Long is the “go to“ man who can lift the veil and help us all better understand this vital area of safety management.

Rob Kalinowski OH&S Co-ordinator Sanitarium Health and Well Being