Human Dymensions - Workshop session

The size of Human Dymensions enables a personalised service with flexibility yet, intensity of expertise. The significant experience and competence of the Executive

Director Dr Robert Long guides the focus, supervision and quality of services and programs.

All Human Dymensions programs and services have been developed by Dr Long in collaboration with key experts in his team.

Executive Director

Robert Long expert in social psychology, principal & trainer


Josh Long Director and Trainer

Helen Long Director

Ricky Long Director and Multimedia

Data Mining and Statistics

Keith Lewis senior consultant, data mining and statistics

Dr Chris Barnes researcher, modeller, data mining

Researcher and Modeller

Dr Chris Barnes researcher, modeller, data mining


Craig Ashhurst  Senior Consultant, Facilitation

Hayden Collins   Senior Consultant, Manufacturing

Max Geyer   Senior Consultant, Mining

Dee Henshall   Senior Consultant, FIFO and DIDO

Michael Lawrance  Senior Consultant, Ergonomics, Rural

Matt Thorne   Senior Consultant, Construction, Energy Management, Security

Andrew Thornhill  Senior Consultant, Psychology of Systems

Dave Whitefield Senior Consultant, WHS

Keith Lewis  Senior Consultant, Data Mining and Statistics