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Envisioning Risk, Seeing, Vision and Meaning in Risk

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Envisioning Risk, Seeing, Vision and Meaning in Risk


(280 pages, 200 Illustrations)


This is a book about seeing: Physically, Psychologically, Teleologically, Socially, Mystically, Transcendently, Imaginatively and Unconsciously and then applying such knowledge to the tackling of risk. 

What we see (and understand) is neither straight forward, simple or objective and this affects the way we perceive the world, living and risk. We see the world through our worldview, the paradigm that constructs meaning of what life means and from this we understand being, our semiosis (purpose and meaning) and our visual perception. 

This book is structured in three parts: 

  • The Phenomenon Vision 
  • The Meaning of Vision and, 
  • The Practicality of Envisioning 

Some key questions: We read and talk about visionaries and leaders with vision but what do they see and why are people inspired by them? Why do we understand something as visionary and something else as non-visionary? Why are some people able to envision (discern) the outcome of a risk and others not? How do they see something and others not? What is the connection between insight, vision, perception, imagination, discernment, intuition, wisdom, sagacity and risk? 

Surely if risk is about faith and trust in the face of uncertainty then one might want to know why some people have better vision than others; physically, intuitively, metaphysically, prophetically and poetically. These are some of the dimensions of vision that will be discussed in this book. 

The choice of the word ‘envision’ for this book has special meaning, it conveys the concept of something in one’s own Mind (embodied in head, heart and gut being) and articulated to another. Envisioning is associated with the transference of vision and involves: learning, dreaming, imagining, listening, helping, visualisation, discovery, discerning and creating. 

The idea of envisioning is about much more than just looking and seeing. Envisioning is about more than just physical perception and extends to an holistic way of knowing that is beyond simple cognition. Envisioning is about images in the Mind (read embodied person, not the brain), about possibilities and fore-seeing, sometimes things (socially, politically and ethically) that others don’t see. 

Vision is synonymous with risk, no risk – no vision. Those with vision and visionaries don’t play life ‘safe’, there is little vision in safety and compliance. If one sets one’s sights on safety and compliance as a rule of life then vision has very little chance of emerging. Anyone who envisions presents a risk trajectory. Envisioning is only visionary if it embraces the Faith-Hope-Love-Justice dialectic. 

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