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31 December 2021
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iCue Conversation Scenario Cards

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iCue Conversation Scenario Cards


iCue Conversation Scenario Cards are a helpful resource for those who wish to improve their skills in iCue Listening, iCue Engagement and iCue Risk Management.


Once you have learned how to envision/listen through Workspace, Headspace and Groupspace it then becomes a matter of practice and persistence to mature the way one engages others using the iCue Listening Method.


The first steps in learning the iCue Engagement Method involves using the iCue Listening Matrix, iCue Mapping and iCue Analysis. To help in this learning journey we have developed a set of Scenario Cards to help in skill development.


About the Cards


The iCue Conversation Scenario Cards come in a sturdy box (180mm x125mm) with two card sets (cards measure 120mm x 85mm) inside (see Figure 1. iCue Conversation Pack). One pack is a set of common scenarios that facilitate discussion about risk. These are stacked face down (with the SPoR logo facing up) and turned over to start the conversation. The second pack show a visual representation of the iCue Matrix on the back and these are turned over to reveal the focus of the conversation and how it is to be understood. The card pack is open and spead for display at Figure 2. iCue Scenario Cards.


The pack comes with simple instructions and a set of prompt cards for those who are yet to learn the iCue Listening Method.


Using the iCue Conversation Pack


The cards can be used individually or in groups and can offer a range of options for either playing a game-like process or use as training/induction cards.


With multiple packs it is helpful for small group and iCue training in a classroom setting.


The iCue Conversation Cards are intended to be used in conjunction with the iCue Engagement Board and the iCue Magnet Set to help develop skills in iCue Listening and iCue Mapping.


The cards are also supported by: the iCue Engagement Manual, iCue Video Instruction series and online coaching.


How to Purchase Your Set


Each card set costs $40 (aus) with $25 package and handling anywhere in Australia and Europe.


Purchase Outside Australia/Europe: Please write direct to  for a quote that includes shipping for your destination.


Discount for multiple packs: If you wish to purchase multiple packs please write to  for a quote and shipping costs.   




Figure 1. iCue Conversation Pack

Figure 2. iCue Scenario Cards.