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10 November 2021
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31 December 2021
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iCue Education Pack



Learning iCue Engagement is not easy. It takes work to learn the iCue Engagement Method but once the skills have been acquired you will never look back to dependence on paperwork risk assessments and investigation methods. The iCue Engagement Method brings a whole new approach to risk assessment than moves away from engineering and mechanistic hazard-focused thinking.


Education Pack Contents:


  • It Works, A New Approach to Risk and Safety ($29.95)
  • The iCue Engagement Manual (A4 for reproduction and Coaching) ($29.95)
  • iCue Conversation Role Play Cards ($40)
  • Access to iCue Video Coaching Series (5 videos)
  • Base Magnet Set (1B3M, WS, HS, GS set) ($5)
  • Advanced Magnet Set (27 Conversation Combinations) ($80)
  • SPoR and RYSK lapel pins


Four Face-to-face Online Coaching Sessions with Dr Long are also available at $750


Pack Contents



The total cost for this package is $150 plus package and handling (in Australia and Europe at $25)


Outside of Australia and Europe: Please contact for a quote for delivery to your country.