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12 October 2020
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30 August 2021
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iCue Listening Magnet Set

$80.00 Inc GST


Purchase Your iCue Listening Magnets

One of the foundations of the Social Psychology of Risk (SPoR) is iCue Listening using the Workspace, Headspace, Groupspace and 1B3M construct.

The iCue Listeningã process helps risk and safety people capture every dimension of a risk conversation, toolbox, meeting, risk assessment and engagement in a simple format that helps everyone visualize and envision the way risk is being tackled on a job.

You can read about how this works here: It Works, A New Approach to Risk and Safety (

You can download the pdf to see the set of 30 (2 x WS) magnet designs here:

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Each magnet measures 95mm in diameter.

The following offer is only available to people who have undertaken studies in SPoR.

We have developed a magnet collection of semiotic icons and person-centric symbols to help bring together conversation, thinking and discussion on a whiteboard. See the attached example: Figure 1. Mondi Group staff using the iCue Listening Board and iCue Listening Magnets.

Figure 1. Mondi Group staff using the iCue Listening Board and iCue Listening Magnets.

Please note: All SPoR names, ideas, constructs and tools are copyright and the Intellectual property of Dr Robert Long

If you order a number of sets, a discount is available on negotiation.

You can see more examples in the It Works book and also here:

In this video you can see an example of an iCue Listening session/toolbox being conducted in Mondi Group. Once the session is completed a picture is taken and this file then becomes the documented risk assessment, toolbox record etc

Those who have undertaken SPoR Education will know how to use the icons, magnets and incorporate them into the semiotics of an iCue Engagement Process.

A magnet set costs $85 plus postage (30 magnets) (Postage Aust $20, OS $45)

If you haven’t undertaken SPoR Education then the next free module will be announced in August on SafetyRisk ( and in the CLLR Newsletter for the September Module (8 sessions).

You can register for the SPoR Introduction here: