Human Dymensions - Babel Works Tower training

The services and programs map below shows the flow of programs and services offered by us.

The circles represent the assessment foundation of each program set.

Services and programs flow out of assessment and are selected from a menu of options to best target your needs.

Whilst we have many “off the shelf” programs it is always helpful to do some analysis of issues and challenges, before leaping in and presuming what program or service suits you best.

Our Services Include

  • Organisational Evaluations
  • Culture, Leadership, Organisation, Risk and Management Surveys
  • Program Development and Assessment
  • Communications, Life Skills and Work-Life Balance Training
  • Leadership – Management Coaching, Supervisors Workshops
  • Strategic and Team Development
  • Induction Design and Improvement
  • Profiling and Training using DiSC and MBTI
  • Performance and Time Management
  • People Skills, Difficult People and Behaviour Management
  • Organisational, Experiential and Situated Learning
  • Safety Culture and WHS Systems Improvement
  • Risk and Hazard Identification/Screening
Human Dymensions - Our Services Map