The Psychology, Risk, Observation and Culture, Competency, Conversations Program – PROACT Program.

The award-winning PROACT Program offers a range of modules which target culture, the psychology of risk, hazard identification, safety observations and safety leadership.

The PROACT Program is structured like a restaurant menu, not all projects or workplaces need to have every dish that’s available. The key to this approach is the iProfile diagnosis and targeting interventions based on evidence of gaps and needs.

One of the key aspects of the PROACT Program is the development of Safety Leadership. PROACT is much more than a set of concepts and training courses, the key to PROACT is the relationships developed by Safety Leaders with Human Dymensions experts and an emphasis placed on exposure to expertise and changing safety paradigms. Developing expertise in the psychology and culture of safety is transferred through training and mentoring champions, leaders and trainers to act as safety change agents in the organisation.

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