Develop understanding, motivation and skills

We have developed a number of unique experiential (simulation) learning programs which help engage everyone in experiential learning. These experiential learning exercises help develop understanding, motivation and skill development through reflection by engagement in simulated exercise. The use of the exercise provides a scenario base for learning without the need to disclose confidential detail or engage in threatening evaluation.

Examples of interactive learning activities include: the Babelworks Tower, Castrophe Bridge and The POLIS Project.

The purpose of these exercises are to immerse participants in lived scenarios in groups assembled through psychological profiling and to create responses for following analysis, reflection and learning.

The Babelworks Tower Workshop

Gathering people into teams with the purpose of building a tower of paper cups utilising a range of supplied materials. Each group has to trade with other groups to design their tower and various challenges and obstacles are put before participants which stress their capacity to communicate and organise themselves. Once the design phase is complete the participants have to construct the tower and then test its strength (using weights) and finally the height of the tower is measured to assess the success of each team. This experiential learning activity provides insight into how personality type, communication, team dynamics and stress condition conflict in the workplace. Based on reflections a range of follow-up skill development activities are implemented.

The Catastrophe Bridge Exercise

Follows a similar format.

The Polis Project

Simulates the activities and politics of a small town including political parties, media, community groups etc. Each group has to propose, plan and deliver on a project which is put to the town council for approval. Groups are selected based on personality profile and conflict is generated.

Following the exercise outcomes are assessed, reflected upon and learning and skills development sessions follow.

Human Dymensions - Workshops
Human Dymensions - Workshops