Safety Observations and Conversations Program

Human Dymensions targets the new frontier in safety ie. the culture and psychology of safety in organisations.

The culture and psychology of safety is about the way things are done on site. The key drivers, attitudes, beliefs and perceptions as they determine behaviour. Also the way in which groups set norms for safety on site.

Advanced Hazard Identification and Risk Management Program

Introductory in nature it extends knowledge about hazard identification to include: Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Hazard Identification. more

‘Your talk matters’ Program

The Program “Your Talk Matters” is the third module in a Safety Culture Program addressing the key issues of

  • cultural language (discourse)
  • artefacts (signage
  • policy, forms
  • bureaucracy
  • systems, visible tools)
  • embedded attitudes evidenced in how people engage others about risk

Safety 100 Program

A 100 day program provides an evidence based package of advanced hazard and risk management training and tools. It is  provides support work on fatigue and wellness training, including resilience and anti-bullying training.