The Advanced Hazard Identification and Risk Management Program is introductory in nature and extends knowledge about hazard identification to include:

  1. Primary Hazard Identification: compliance to physical standards, safety legislation, expectations of regulations and hazard controls.
  2. Secondary Hazard Identification: the fundamentals of human factors in safety, mindfulness, sensemaking, communications, consequences, dissonance and risk trade off.
  3. Tertiary Hazard Identification: hidden factors at work, attitudes, values and group dynamics, risk homestasis and organisational interventions.

Participants develop a strong appreciation of the complexity of hazard assessment through this Program.

The Program extends participants to understand risk complexity and develop practical interventions and
systems for addressing human factors at work.

The Program provides field experience opportunity to practice hazard and risk assessment using digital, graphical, cartographical, verbal and written Safe Work Method Assessment.

Human Dymensions - Client Training