The Safety Observations and Conversations Program delivered by us targets the new frontier in safety ie. the culture and psychology of safety in organisations.

The culture and psychology of safety is about the way things are done on site, the key drivers, attitudes, beliefs and perceptions as they determine behaviour and the way in which groups set norms for safety on site.

This program looks at the way perception, motivation, recognition, sensemaking, mindfulness and personality type all condition the development of hazard and risk assessment. The program is highly interactive, practical and down to earth so that participants leave the training with a new found enthusiasm to engage with others in safety conversations.

Participants leave the training knowing that too much confidence is placed in “common sense” and self-perception. The training generates a new awareness which accepts the importance of observing self and others in a supportive and non- punishing way through conducting safety conversations with skill and a non-defensive approach.

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