The Program “Your Talk Matters” is the third module a Safety Culture Program. Your Talk Matters the key issues of cultural language (discourse), artefacts (signage, policy, forms, bureaucracy, systems, visible tools) and embedded attitudes evidenced in how people engage others about risk. The program includes extensive support coaching in situ and support micro training.

The Your Talk Matters program continues the learning journey about perceptions, culture and risk by tackling the following:

  1. The essentials of framing and priming language ie. How language and its use triggers thinking and shaping of others thoughts.
  2. Walking the walk, talking the talk are flip sides of the same coin, its not one without the other.
  3. Cheap talk, easy talk, double-speak talk and power talk don’t work to change either attitudes or         drive ownership of safety
  4. Many a poster, message and symbol confuses people and mixed messages breed a destructive sub-culture of scepticism, cynicism, negativity and fatalism.
  5. Being purposeful and planning talk is important, understanding purpose and ethos to be communicated.
  6. Messages can be Gain Framed, Neutral or Loss Framed.
  7. Loss framed messages are generally not successful.
  8. Gain framed messages are most likely to motivate action and ownership.
  9. Messages can be “reframed” for transformation.
  10. Practice makes perfect.
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